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Hello! This is a website investigating Wes Walker's claims and conduct performed through his organization, Great Commission Discipleship Ministries (GCDM). Our intent in creating this website is is to help bring forth truth where there may be secrets and deception, and to see light shine on things hidden in the dark, for the wellbeing of all. GCDM is a group founded by Wes Walker which has its origins in Columbia, South Carolina. The group also currently operates in Charleston, South Carolina, with plans of expansion in the near future. This website is built by former members who have over a decades worth of experience with Wes Walker, and is from the author's viewpoint, opinion and best recollection of events.

To begin, let's examine a familiar question to many readers:

If you were being deceived, how would you know?

The answer?

You wouldn't

That's what deception is.

If you are in GCDM now, I would encourage you to have the courage to look into the content of this web page with an open and humble heart, as is hoped for any reader. If you expect a random person on the street, or in a store, to allow you to freely challenge their world view, then you owe it to yourself, and to them, to allow your world view to be challenged as well. If your world view is strong and well-founded, it should be able to stand a good challenge.

People may have tried to dissuade you from looking into your concerns about GCDM in order to quote “protect" you from engaging your doubts and possibly being misled. This website is created with the intention of bringing open, thoughtful, and edifying conversation forth. We want to see light spread, and evil to diminish. Walk with the body of Christ, God's holy body across the earth, not just one church or ministry, to help you discern the path forward, in view of the information contained in these pages.

The majority of the content of this webpage has been looked over and independently verified by the opinion, best recollection, and collective experience of multiple individuals. In the following text, there are accounts from scripture and personal experience that are at minimum worth considering in the presence of friends, family, and trusted other that care about you and the well-being of man.

Many experts were contacted to provide insight and opinion on Wes’s ministry tactics and biblical interpretations. In all, there are decades worth of experience being drawn upon and built into this website that are worth bringing into the open, for both public and careful consumption and consideration.

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Who is this website for?

We have created this website to address 5 primary audiences:

1. Those in GCDM who might have questions or concerns and may not feel comfortable personally engaging people that have already left or been removed from the group to get information. I encourage you to address this content with an open mind and then engage people that you trust who are not in GCDM with questions and concerns to get multiple perspectives.

2. Individuals who are currently in or being recruited by GCDM, so that they may have a fuller picture of what’s happening within the group in order to be equipped to make the best decision regarding their involvement. Typically, Wes waits until members have been in at least a year before he begins disclosing some of the information below. Much of the information on this page is never disclosed while a person in GCDM, but carefully hidden.

3. Family and friends of members or former members who would like more insight into what their loved ones experienced, or how they may have been affected by the group. You may be concerned, distressed, and feel helpless, and we want to provide information as a resource for your journey. Likewise, some of you may have only heard positive things from your loved ones regarding GCDM. Members are told to only speak positively, not confess doubt to anyone outside the group, and to keep many activities of Wes Walker and GCDM secret.

4. Former members of GCDM, or people who were formerly recruited by or had other involvement with members of GCDM, who may want a fuller understanding of what they experienced in their exposure to the group. This ranges from members who were committed for several years, all the way to people who had 5-minute run in at a store, park, campus, or elsewhere. Your exposure may only have simply been a stranger coming up to you and asking you if you had time for a “fun scenario question” or a “quick religious survey” and then you were showed you a card that looked very close to a Venn diagram, which GCDM calls a Kingdom Diagram Card.

5. Curious community members in South Carolina or abroad that desire to learn more about cult groups operating in their area and might want to engage their community to help their neighbors resist cultic temptations and abuses.

Note: GCDM recruits young people heavily on college campuses and uses many aliases/front groups to gain access on college campuses. Wes's main targets are young women and men aged 18-20. He has said these are some of the most humble people on the planet, and for that reason are open to listen to and obey him. Wes Walker uses a swing-door of organizations to try to hide his influence from the public, constantly revolving out new and variable organization names. The below is not all encompassing of all of the  front-group names that Wes has used.

If you have been involved in or visited any of the following organizations, you have been exposed to a GCDM front group orchestrated by Wes Walker:

Carolina Bible Fellowship (CBF)
Carolina Discipleship Ministry (CDM)
Carolina International Fellowship (CIF)
Great Commission Discipleship Ministry (GCDM)
"The ministry" is a title Wes often uses, and has propagated along his members

A Brief Overview

This website is not created with the intent of slander, but  as a source of information to help protect and inform the public. Unfortunately, this does include bringing forth some rather difficult things, such as deep-levels of deception, manipulation, and emotional and spiritual abuse. Several attempts were made to contact and speak with Wes Walker by multiple individuals before this site was published, however Wes kept to his practice of shunning former members.

This website is not entirely comprehensive. There are likely abuses that the authors are not aware of. There are people with high-level traumas,  in counseling, that still have trouble communicating the experiences they had with Wes Walker while in GCDM, and therefore did not feel comfortable sharing their stories publicly. Our goal is to be appropriately thorough on several points, knowing that many parents, friends, and other concerned community members would prefer to have more information made public, both for their own personal access, as well as to share with others. However, we understand some experiences are private, traumatic, and do not need to be shared publicly.

We do not believe religion is unhealthy, though we do believe the concept of God, and the Bible,  can be abused. If you heard a gospel message that told you to have faith and turn away from evil, we are not condemning this concept as it is normal and widely accepted Christian doctrine. All of Christianity is not cultic in the definition we will use for our purposes (provided in the following section titled, "What is a cult?").

We understand that almost nothing is all good or all evil, and GCDM is not an exception. We believe there are many well-intentioned individuals in GCDM who are acting out of a cult identity that has been cultivated by Wes. We have compassion and understand the undue influence* and cognitive dissonance** they are experiencing is controlling much of their behavior. We believe that Wes’s conduct, teaching, and ministry violate the sacred treasures of faith that give life, joy, and hope to many around the globe. Our ultimate hope is that Wes may come to repentance and turn away from his current path to heal alongside his congregation from his abuses.

* undue influence can be defined as, "influence by which a person is induced to act otherwise than by their own free will or without adequate attention to the consequences."
** cognitive dissonance can be defined as, "the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change."

An overview of GCDM structure:
This overview is up to date according to the author's knowledge. It can be difficult to know how things are changing within GCDM given Wes's frequent revisions, and high-levels of secrecy. All content is up-to-date according to the author's best knowledge at the time of publication.

Wes Walker has told his congregation that the only two leaders any of them will ever have are himself and Jesus. GCDM is structured so that aside from God, Wes and the texts that Wes writes have final authority on all matters. Wes's texts are subject to change whenever Wes would like to change them, which at times can make it difficult to keep-pace with latest policies. In the recruitment and indoctrination process, members follow the following progression:

Group 1 (G1) - These are pre-rehearsed, staged bible studies that people are invited to. Usually at least 50-90% of people in the group are members of GCDM, so that they may maintain control of the conversations, questions, etc. Wes has taught people who led G1 bible studies explicitly that it was okay to demean, or make people look dumb, if people  ask questions regarding topics that Wes does not want discussed during bible studies in order to "protect everyone from their demons."

Group 2 (G2) - These are the 4-6 hour weekend church services that are compulsory for members to remain in the group over the course of their life. It is important to note that Wes has said this is not church service, and that people in GCDM do not have a church because GCDM is a ministry. People who have not made at least a 1-2 year commitment to the group are not allowed to attend G2 services. Women must wear head coverings in G2 and G3 when people are praying or prophesying. There is a set time in each G2 each week for people to share words from a 1st person point of view from God, as long as Wes has reviewed to make sure that it truly might have come from God. GCDM meets in houses for G2.

Group 3 (G3)- Once someone has fulfilled certain requirements in the discipleship program, and been faithful to Wes's curriculum, members are then invited to G3. This is where Wes really dives deep into the darker side of his indoctrination. Typically G3 is where Wes shares that he believes that all other churches besides his are demonically influenced, that he is 1 of 12 apostles, etc. The purpose of G3 is to train people to disciple others.

Group 4 (G4) - In the past, G4 has been with the purpose of teaching people how to lead and control others in G1 bible studies. Here people would come and practice bible study crowd control, etc. as Wes said he currently keeps all the demons away because he has power over them, but once he leaves then they will come in and try to ruin all of his bible studies and derail the mission of God. At present, G4 is an extension of G3 where theology is taught. Wes goes through the readings and ministries of people such as Charles and Andy Stanley, John Piper, the Navigators, and local churches, to show that it is demonic and evil, how to argue against it and refute it, etc.

Group 0 (G0) - This is the international outreach branch of GCDM that often works under a variety of names. Select GCDM members are invited to be part of this team. Here, is much of Wes Walker's "take over the world" plan. The goal is to find spiritually interested foreigners who do not have a Christan background, who Wes can use to launch GCDM in their home country. If an international student proves not to be  interested in Christianity over several months, they are seen as a waste of resources and members of GCDM are encouraged to break ties with them. Wes Walker does not permit people who are not in G0 share the gospel or engage with internationals so that they don't "mess them up and ruin our chances in the future". Wes has encouraged people to find internaional converts to Christianity, become friends with them, and over time slowly pull them away from the pastors/friends/churches that have led these people to Christ so that they can be discipled by Wes.

What is a cult?

Cult members across the world are often trained to  take general, overarching definitions and uses of the word "cult" to argue that there is nothing wrong with their group and that being labeled as a cult is not actually a very serious matter because a lot of things can be labeled as cults. Like many words, there are many differences in definition and use across fields, level of scholarship, etc.

We could examine Mariam Webster's definition of a cult to see an example:
A cult is a system or religious beliefs and rituals that is regarded as unorthodox or spurious, with a great devotion to a person, idea, or thing.

Many things could fit this definition, however there are many reasons beyond this definition that GCDM may be considered a cult.

Primarily, we will consider GCDM a cult for two reasons: 
1.  From a psychological perspective, GCDM may be considered a cult because of its high levels of deception and destructive practices. This includes actions of undue influence, further expounded upon in the BITE Model and Influence Continuum below.

2. In a Christian-religious sense, GCDM may be considered a cult religon because of its separation from typical Christian theology and practice. This includes things such as a dependency on Wes Walker as the sole source of reliable interpretation and understanding of the Bible and Wes Walker's absolute authoritarian rule, among other things.

Wes Walker's Misuse of Scripture

Although Wes Walker encourages his members to diligently study the Christian scriptures, he systematically limits his members exposure to viewpoints that might challenge his own. In the same vein, he nearly entirely prevents any open challenge that he could face from someone more knowledgeable than himself on biblical topics. He does this by encouraging his members to be nearly all-secretive and all-selective in who they permit at bible studies or who they engage in conversations with. Educated Christians (who aren’t educated by Wes), are seen as dangerous and are not to be listened to unless they are approved by Wes.

Generally, the only teachers that people in GCDM are exposed to are those within GCDM. This teaching consists of reading aloud Wes's notes word for word. This creates an environment where it is very easy for Wes to manipulate scripture to use as he sees fit, for his own advantages. Additionally, Wes’s pairs his claim to be one of 12 apostles currently alive on Earth, with his interpretation of the Bible being the only safe and true interpretation of the Christian bible that exists on earth. He has said that if any of the other 12 apostles wanted to join him in ministry, they would have to submit to his teaching in GCDM, as it is the truest understanding of Bible possible. By having Wes’s words and teachings as the one and only true way to understand what the Bible is saying, and having this concept backed by what he claims to be his status as an apostle with direct and divine gifting, Wes effectively places his teachings of the Bible at-or-near biblical authority.

Below are a few examples of passages that Wes misuses, or violates. We encourage you to read the accompaning passages along with the description.

1 Timothy 3:1-7
Wes Walker does not meet the qualifications to be an elder. For example, 1 Timothy 3:7 teaches that an elder must be in good standing in the community. There are no known community members or spiritual leaders in South Carolina, outside of Wes's ministry, that are aware of Wes's actions and sign off on his activities. Rather, Wes and his ministries have been permenantely banned from many groups, ministries, and organizations, because of Wes's previous teachings and destructive conduct. Wes explains this passage by saying that good standing in the community just means there must not be any type of provable evil or illegal activity regarding an elder. This is not a popular view for this passage, and one that is difficult to maintain. It is especially difficult given Wes gets to be the sole voice to define, "evil" for his congregation. Wes also says that if anyone makes accusations against him then it is just slander and gossip, and they are jealous of how God has blessed him, etc. Wes has also hidden his, "spiritual discipline" by making sure it is all verbal and not recorded, so that suicides, mental breakdowns, etc., cannot be traded back to him and be "proven".

There are many other issues that arise when holding Wes to the Biblical standard of an elder, but this is the most glaring. For a more comprehensive list, you may reach out to us through the contact page.

John 17

This passage talks about the importance of the unity of believers. However, Wes has separated himself from the rest of the church. Wes sends his members into other churches to secretly recruit people out of them. He has placed himself in a seat of authority by saying as 1 of 12 apostles, he is to rule the global church. Wes has established himself as a sole source of doctrine. Wes regularly slanders other churches by saying that other church in Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, and their leadership, are influenced or controlled by demons.  

1 Corinthians 12:27-31
Wes uses this passage to claim that as 1 of 12 apostles currently on the planet, it his responsibility to anchor the Christian church to the true teachings of the Bible. Wes says because this passage says, "first" that this means that he is the top of the power-chain when it comes to Christianity, and is to lead all others. Wes claims that  he does not know who the other 12 are. He thinks 1 of the other 12 apostles might be Fracis Chan, but if so Wes has more power than Francis Chan because Francis is deceived by lies such as Calvinism. Wes has described desiring a one-world theocracy where he sits at the top of it, as its ruler.

2 Corinthians 12:12
Wes has not performed any miracles, though this passage says that these are the signs of a "true apostle" as Wes claims to be. Wes teaches his congregation that this verse means that he should be performing miracles, however Wes explains that because Wes is such a strong leader and communicator, and knows the Bible so well, people would worship him if he could also do miracles, and so to keep others from idolatry, he does not perform miracles though he still claims he is an apostle. Wes says that once he goes to other countries as a part of his religious world-domination plan, then he will begin performing miracles.

Titus 1:6-9
Wes also does not fit the qualifications of an elder by this passage, being accused of "rebellion", quick-tempered, pugnacious, etc.

Colossians 3:9-10
Wes regularly lies and encourages high levels of deceit to people regarding the actions and past of himself and his ministry. For example, Wes has made false accusations regarding former members, telling his current members that they are all living in sin, unfaithful, etc. when this is not the case.

Hebrews 13:17
Wes has taken this verse, where the Bible says to obey and submit to leaders, and says that it could be sin if someone were to disobey him (as their only leader). Wes also says that if someone were to practice sin, or do it multiple times, then this would lead them to Hell. Wes ties these two concepts in at even the most mundane level (ie. if he told you not to buy a certain type of item or not to go to a certain store, then if you kept doing so this may show a heart hardened against God and you may not gain salvation on judgement day). So, to be "safe" people should always do whatever Wes tells them and not question it, which teaches them humility and helps them to endure to the end.

Ephesians 5:22-30
Wes uses this passage to teach that a woman who disobeys her husband has essentially sinned against God, since wives are supposed to submit to their husbands, "as to the Lord". If she does this multiple times, then it may be "practicing sin" and it is possible that she would go to Hell for all eternity for such an offense.

Numbers 16
Wes often compares himself and his role to Moses. From this passage, he teaches that Korah's rebellion means that if any of his followers do not submit to him as God's anointed leader that the ground may open up to swallow and kill them.

1 Corinthians 14:22-33
This passage instructs churches to have translators for speaking in tongues, and for prophecy to be judged by the church. Wes encourages regularly seeking prophecy and speaking in tongues, and then acts as a mediator between his congregation and God. Wes reviews all prophecies to decide whether or not they are from God before others may pass judgement. Wes has used this tactic many times to filter out members prophecy rebuking Wes for his sins, mistreatment of others, etc. Wes says these are demonic lies that are so demonically strong that it is possible for even members of GCDM to fall victim to them. In that way, Wes says it is his duty and burden to review all the words, and decide what the rest of his body can see. In this way, he also is able to push forward words that give him praise, saying that he is one of the most holy and humble men on the planet, rebuking his congregation for not obeying him enough, etc.

Matthew 18:15-20
Because Wes says that his house-church isn't a church and it is just a ministry (though no one goes to a church besides G2), Wes does not require himself to follow church discipline in all areas. It is situation-specific as to whether Wes engages an issue in church discipline or not. For example, if someone is questioning GCDM in a way that Wes regards as unacceptable, he may have everyone cut this person off without having them brought before the church, or speaking to them at all. They will just be removed from all chats, shunned, and he might have one of his right-hand men tell them they're being influenced by demons and opposing the gospel by questioning Wes, etc.

Matthew 20:25-28
Wes encourages his members to consider him humble for not constantly mentioning that he is 1 of the 12 apostles as he claims that he "does not desire this power but is willing to be faithful to the gift God gave Him". However, this position is the basis behind his ministry structure and all-controlling power. Wes would wield his power over people at times by telling them because he is wiser/closer to God, etc. it would be stupid for them to make a decision for themsevles without consulting Wes. At other times, Wes may act like people are burdening both Wes and the Kingdom if they are having problems as that pulls him away from writing new materials and recruiting new members.

Matthew 7:15-16
Wes comes as a sheep, claiming to want to help people know Jesus and grow in their faith. However, over time, he begins to show the more secretive areas of the ministry. He regularly gaslights and verbally/emotionally abuses members through the tactics discussed below.

Wes does a shotgun style of verse usage, instead of going deep on passages, to try to convince his congregation fo his points. His arguments are very simple, and often cannot convince people outside of college students who have not read their bible much. Wes says that those who do not agree with him on what the Bible are saying do so because they are prideful, apathetic to God, set in their ways, controlled by demons, etc.

The B.I.T.E. Model

BITE Model Page

This is not a comprehensive list. However, the following information outlines many key areas where GCDM fits the BITE model, and displays unhealthy levels of control. The BITE model is categorized in four primary areas:

Behavior Control
Information Control
Thought Control
Emotional Control

Behavioral Control

Dictate where, how, and with whom the member lives and associates or isolates.
Members still in the group have been prohibited or warned against living with former members (who are still Christians) – citing demons, dangerous lies, etc.

Wes oversaw where students were placed into houses. Wes had some students put together ideas of housing arrangements based off of various dynamics, and then Wes gave the final decision on housing arrangements

If an individual is considered potentially “dangerous” by Wes then members may be discouraged, or at times actively forbidden, from engaging with the individual.

Members who had future housing arrangements with other members planned, but then decided to leave GCDM are typically removed from all group messaging regarding housing without any conversation whatsoever. Offers for housing are withdrawn. This has happened very last minute for people unexpectedly, and left them couch surfing/looking for places to stay because they were cut off of housing by GCDM members for leaving the group

Control types of clothing and hairstyles
Multiple girls have shared that Wes told them to make sure they looked nice for men coming in to visit the G1 outreach bible studies. Wes would say that we had a lot of pretty girls in GCDM and needed to use that to our advantage in recruitment

Wes has told girls not to dye their hair, asked them why they would want to, and would insinuate that they wanted attention from men or others

Wes also discouraged some women from dreading their hair, citing that it could turn people away from GCDM, and then they wouldn’t be as useful for the Kingdom of God

Manipulation and deprivation of sleep
Wes has told members multiple times that there isn’t a good reason to sleep any more than 8 hours per day. 6 hours of sleep was encouraged so that more could be done for the Kingdom. More than 8 was said to be selfish and lazy at various times

Financial exploitation, manipulation, or dependance
There have been individuals who were encouraged to work less, in order to increase their recruitment involvement and activities, and then were not able to pay major bills, depending on the group

Wes in the past has only taken cash and would not disclose what he does with money that he receives from individuals. Regularly Wes would cite his reasoning, “If you trust me with your soul, you should trust me with your finances

Not transparent about if taxes are being paid on this money, or if it is used for personal expenses or ministry expenses, etc.

When giving is not private, or Wes has specific asks, he draws connections to individuals giving with their commitment to and appreciation for the group/ Wes himself (as all group materials come through him, and he claims a seat as the sole leader of GCDM)

Restrict leisure, entertainment, vacation time
“You don’t need rest, you’re a Christian” is something that was said at multiple meetings

All non-approved leisure activities/media sources were strongly discouraged; this might include watching sports, hanging out with friends without the intent of sharing the gospel with them, etc.

Spending on average more than 3 hours a day during time with God was specifically discouraged in order to leave more time to do things for God. One of the highest activities a member could do for God, which was actively encouraged, was to recruit people into GCDM. When people went out to recruit, Wes would say explicitly that the end goal was not to lead people to Jesus, but to lead them into GCDM to be discipled. If people were only preaching the gospel or having faith-building conversations with others but not leading them towards GCDM, it was viewed as a not-best use of time because they should be finding someone who shows return on investment by coming into GCDM

Students going home to their families for the holidays were encouraged to spend very small periods of time doing so, because time spent with one’s immediate family was said to not be best for the Kingdom (regardless if this family included faithful Christians outside of GCDM). Students were made to feel guilty/unfaithful for missing G2 or events hosted by GCDM, and missing more than a few G2s that Wes did not excuse could have you kicked out of the group (and then shunned by your [former] friends for being “unfaithful”)·

Members were consistently told to use up as much time as possible by getting jobs during school breaks because it is “hard to be holy for 16 hours a day”. 10% tithing on these jobs was regularly encouraged

Exercise was not forbidden but doing things such as weightlifting was seen as a waste of time when you could just do 30 minutes or 1 hour of cardio a week. People’s motives were questioned when they would spend seemingly “excessive” amounts of time exercising or if they wanted to “be thinner” and were made to feel as though they only wanted to look nice for others.

Some people were rebuked for working out 30 minutes to 1 hour per day and told this only had to be with ungodly intent

Wes was the master planner and organizer for all G1 and G2s. Wes would assign each person to a specific group that they were now obligated to go to on a weekly basis and were expected to shuffle their own schedules around to prioritize. He said that he assigned group members by his perception of their spiritual gifts, their personality types, and even “who he needed to keep away from each other,” for example, if he perceived that a particular guy and girl being in the same G2 would be a distraction to each other, he would assign them to separate G2s for that reason alone.  

Major time spent with group indoctrination and rituals and/or self-indoctrination including the internet
Wes strongly encourages people to spend as much time with people inside of the group, and taking in his materials, as possible. Wes has taught explicitly that a key goal for disicplers in the early stages of discipleship is to eat up more and more of new members free time with ministry activities, approved music, Wes’s material, etc. so as to “brainwash” (Wes’s word) them into the Christian lifestyle

Wes would often say that he wanted to “take over people’s lives” where all of what they were doing was for GCDM

People would spend 12-16 hours per day taking in Wes’s content, while not taking in any other Christian media sources (except Wes’s very small, approved content list)

G1 bible studies were all staged indoctrination, people were planted to ask certain questions, and create the appearance of an engaging bible study for unsuspecting visitors. This created a strong dynamic of social influence that was hard for visitors to resist, despite how valid or invalid things being taught were (view Asch Conformity Experiment for more details)

Early on in one’s time in GCDM, spending time with Christians outside of the group without being accompanied by a member in GCDM is often considered dangerous

Permission Required for Major Decisions
Wes was a final point of contact for any major decision’s members made in the group (ie. new job, school, housing arrangement, etc.).

Wes would tell members it showed lack of spiritual maturity if they made decisions without first consulting him, since he was their only spiritual leader aside from God

This was similar for any trip someone wanted to go on, that had to run through Wes, people had to request time away from the group for extended periods (mostly college students wanting to go on family vacations, etc.)

Studying abroad was said to be something that a student would do if they were still holding onto the world/their flesh – this was justified because what Wes and his ministry had done was the best thing anyone had ever experienced. So, even if your goal was to go reach others, this still may be frowned upon depending how Wes viewed the situation

Education that required high amounts of time and dedication to study (example medical school) was heavily discouraged. Wes told current members that those who decided not to continue discipleship at GCDM (but who were still Christians) because of a lack of time while going to school, were making “bad choices”, choosing their careers over the kingdom (even though they were still Christians) and Wes said they were “sad reports” of a “very real, very bloody, and very dangerous (war)”.  

Rewards and Punishment to modify behaviors, both positive and negative
Wes ranked everyone in his ministry from 1-5 for evangelism purposes, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Those that recruited for GCDM the most and were able to get the most people into discipleship, were rewarded by moving up in this hierarchy and being trusted with more responsibility. Likewise, members had to memorize and recall Wes’s pre-written scenarios to move up in this hierarchy

Some members were told that their potential for receiving eternal rewards were tied into moving up in this scale; as Wes as an apostle giving you more responsibility meant that you had more talents to work with, which could multiply into more reward

Those who Wes did not consider were obeying him enough, Wes would not allow to have more responsibilities as people were considered unfaithful to God, etc.

Those who did not hold to his scenarios closely enough, were not able to disciple as many people as others, if any people at all.

Those who questioned the group or Wes, would be moved out of Wes’s inner circle to his outer – he may cut off all communication with them, immediately strip them of all responsibility, remove them from all groups, etc. for asking questions (including well-intentioned questions about whether some of Wes’s actions, conduct, etc. could be considered biblical). Wes has been willing to do this even for people who have labored at a full-time capacity for GCDM over several years.

Discourage individualism, encourage groupthink
All discipleship lessons and material, even for “church” services are pre-written by Wes to be read aloud by others. People are not encouraged to write teaching material of their own in any way

To be in GCDM, weekly you must memorize pre-written conversations that Wes has lined out – you are not encouraged to think through problems/solutions yourself. Wes implies that he is so highly skilled/gifted at reasoning with others, it would be a waste of others time thinking through problems instead of just saying what Wes would say.

This same influence is not only in evangelism, but also in discipleship relationships. If a new member asks, “Is GCDM a cult group?” then members are not encouraged to think through this issue for themselves, but to answer with a memorized conversation that Wes had pre-written. Parents who express concerns to their child that they are in a cult can be emailed a pre-written email assuring them that their concerns (which are assumed to be the amount of time GCDM takes up and the lack of interaction with their family) are misunderstandings and what we are doing is helping their child.

Because Wes wrote all of the material he would explicitly tell people, ‘You’re not actually the ones discipling people, I am. This is all my material. You bring people into this ministry so that I can disciple them, not you.”

Bible studies were often pre-staged with questions, and not active, inquisitive engagement and search of the text

Members could not share their opinions to others regarding things in the last part of the doctrinal statement (such as birth control) even if they felt strongly convicted or in opposition of such points. All they would be allowed to say is “this is the ministry stance” if someone were to ask their personal opinion on certain matters.

New visitors at bible study, or in evangelism/recruitment, are intentionally separated from their friends so that they can be influenced more easily by members of GCDM

Impose rigid rules and regulations
All dating relationships have to go through Wes first. Wes has not permitted members in the group to date people outside of the group, even if they are faithful Christians. People that are dating people outside of the group are encouraged to end the relationship or to recruit their significant other into the group.

Moving into a marriage relationship without having Wes’s blessing is seen as unwise and unspiritual, even if other faithful Christians give their blessing

No one was allowed to share any spiritual or religious media (ie. sermons, worship songs, books, etc.) with anyone else in the group outside of Wes’s approval

Wes would determine on a case-by-case basis when it was okay for pairings or groups of men and women were allowed to spend time together. For instance, if a house of guys or a house of girls were in the same neighborhood, Wes may prohibit any visitations or public outings together, even in group contexts

All evangelism pairings were under Wes’s strict oversight, he decided who could share with who, etc. For example, if two faithful Christians that had been in GCDM for multiple years liked each other but Wes did not want them to be in a relationship, he may not allow them to have time together sharing the gospel, would pull them out of shared groups, and would rebuke them if they spent time together at events

Instill dependency and obedience
Wes equates obeying a spiritual leader on earth with obeying God, as a spiritual leader on earth acts as your representation of God to lead and guide you through life. He includes this in his discipleship curriculum.

Humility, obeying when you disagree with leaders, are considered some of the best characteristics than anyone in the kingdom can have  

Information Control

‍DeceptionWes deliberately withholds large amounts of information from members
This includes not telling people in GCDM about members who committed suicide shortly after leaving GCDM, mental breakdowns that people suffer because of involvement in the group or Wes’s “spiritual punishments”, etc.

Wes hides his previous allegations of inappropriate interactions with women who are not his spouse

Wes will hide from members the real reason that previous members left if it was because of inappropriate conduct they discovered that Wes or GCDM were committing

Wes expects people that come into GCDM to stay for life, otherwise they can be seen as a “waste of resources” or people that “selfishly take and do not give back” and “don’t appreciate what they have been given”. However, when people originally enter the group, they are typically told they are signing up for a 1–2-year discipleship programWes had several lengthy conversations in G3 about how to make people “more loyal” so that they don’t leave (even when people who had left were still Christians and actively seeking to serve God in other places as missionaries, etc.)

Wes is not transparent when people are joining for the 1–2-year period that they are expected to take no major trips, etc. to be able to stay in discipleship. They also are not told upfront the level of autonomy they are expected to forfeit during their time in the group (such as not being allowed to share worship music that helps them feel close to God with others, etc.)

Wes has been expelled or banned from previous ministries because of inappropriate conduct or teaching, which he has hidden, even from those who Wes has actively engaging those ministries and trying to “reach” their people for GCDMWes has forbidden people in GCDM from mentioning that he claims to be one of the 12 apostles to people outside the ministry as well as those who have just joined the ministry. This is something that Wes says we have to wait until people are “spiritually ready” to hear  

Wes heavily distorts information to make it more acceptable
Wes tells members that he is “under persecution” from outside ministries/groups that have grown to be aware of his abuse, encouraging members not to listen to such people. This idea has led to members worsened mental health. There are instances where outside people would try to help a member see the abuse happening and members would proclaim the interaction was “being persecuted”, without ever considering or exploring if there were actual problems.

Wes tells members that the only complaints other ministries have against GCDM is that (in their words) members of GCDM read the Bible too much, follow Jesus too extremely, have differences in theology, etc. Wes has never disclosed that other ministries are critical of GCDM over Wes’s history of abuses, structural problems, and unbiblical practices.Wes has repeatedly told members that no one who has left had a biblical reason for doing so. Instead, they are using “worldly philosophy”, even though some of these members expressly confronted him with bible verses they thought were being violated or abused by Wes/GCDM

Wes sends people into other churches, ministries, and bibles studies to secretly recruit them into GCDM. This is hidden from some members of the group, but made to sound acceptable to people in GCDM by re-framing the situation as a way to help those people, as they’re not receiving the help that Wes could otherwise give them if they were in GCDM instead of the church they’re a part of

Wes may tell individuals, "We hardly have any rules here at all, and the few we have are just to protect you" though Wes was constantly introducing new rules to the congregation, and as many as 5-10 people had said that all of Wes's rules and regulations were hard to keep up with, and a heavy burden (ie. rules such as that no one can send music that Wes has not approved, one day men and women being allowed to share the gospel together and the next day being rebuked for it, etc.)

Systematically lie to the cult member
Wes tells members that he can sue them for everything that they (or their parents) have if they show others his copyrighted materials, or does not delete them upon leave the group – this is false and not how copyright works

Wes spreads false accusations against people who have left the group – saying they lied to members, etc. However, these same individuals Wes will not allow to speak for themselves and encourages members not to speak to them. This does not allow members in GCDM be able to make their own decisions on the matter, but puts them into a place to only hear the propaganda in GCDM

Wes uses high amounts of content from outside resources and uses it as his own material without citations. He regularly he says he did not learn anything from CIU, even though he has borrowed a significant amount of his teachings and concepts from their institution

Minimize or discourage access to non-cult sources of information
Wes discourages all media or resources, Christian or non, that he has not approved – deeming them highly “dangerous” for members to take in without him examining them so that he can “protect them” as he says

This includes Wes preventing members from engaging with critical resources of the group, or former members, by telling them that they could be deeply deceived, and thus their souls could be on the line if they take in the content or speak with the members

Wes would regularly mention how many times he read through the bible, and how this was more times than most (if not all) other resources, so his view was more trustworthy. Wes would minimize scholars view by saying most all of them are Calvinist or liberal and therefore holistically untrustworthy and dangerous to read (this is not true)

If people have spare time, Wes does his best to fill their time with GCDM related activities, which prevents them from having much time to think or investigate the group.

Compartmentalize information into Outsider vs. Insider doctrines
Wes creates a very large chasm between insiders and outsiders. He is very private about his teachings and theology and tells his members that if other ministries found out that GCDM taught things like, “Once saved, always saved” weren’t true then other ministries would attack GCMD and would treat them unfairly before hearing GCDM out. Wes would also frame most of the outside world as dangerously riddled with lies from Calvinism, and would say other ministries have problems with GCDM largely because of GCDM’s zeal and belief in more Armenian principles such as free-will.

Wes tells his members that they are more educated, and more studied, than other pastors, or even religion and seminary professors, across the country (telling members that they are in the very top percentile of educated Christians on earth). Therefore, when GCDM members approach these people, they approach with an attitude to teach and use Wes’s pre-written material to speak with them

Wes has said that even if other members of the 12 apostles joined his ministry, they would all have to submit to his teaching and doctrine to be in GCDM.

Wes sending people out to other ministries and churches to secretly recruit them out creates a strong us vs. them mindset with other Christians.

Encourage spying on other members
If someone questions the group, or says something bad about Wes, then it is a GCDM members duty to immediately report this to Wes.

Weekly in accountability people are asked if they have any questions or doubts about GCDM, and serious questions or doubts that are said, or consistent/possibly “dangerous” questions or doubts are supposed to be reported to Wes

Wes says that questioning leadership is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do, and that if this spread then it could destroy GCDM and possibly send people to Hell

Extensive use of cult-generated information and propaganda
Wes would regularly say that his material was some of the best in the world, and members in the group would verify this (though they were either discouraged or forbidden from taking in other resources)

Wes encourages people to do only his bible studies, memorizes only verses he approves, etc. For example, Wes has openly rebuked people for memorizing verses that were not on his “approved” verses lists saying that these verses could be dangerous for people to memorize, and create a bad example of disobedience to others in the group

Wes taught that having knowledge of Hebrew or Greek was unnecessary in our understanding of the Bible, even though this knowledge has a deep impact seeing how different translations use different manuscripts. Wes also would use these languages occasionally to teach, though he would say that whatever he teaches on the topics is all there is really worth knowing. Wes would say he saved everyone in GCDM the work of learning ancient languages or taking in other resources

Unethical use of confession
Wes has publicly placed people’s spreadsheets that includes their private sins on projector screens to show groups of people

Wes would say that only one’s disciplers had access to people’s spreadsheets which housed their private actions and sins, though he held the right to request anyone’s spreadsheet at any time – and he used this and shared people’s private information openly in situations where it helped to “protect” GCDM (ie. if someone was questioning the group, Wes may say that this is because of  a negative feeling someone allowed themselves to have about Wes 4 months prior – which Wes says is long enough for a demon to come in)

Thought Control

‍Require members to internalize the group’s doctrine as truth
Wes instills black or white thinking in members in certain areas. For example, someone like John McArthur or John Piper’s teaching on holiness or fear of God would be strongly discouraged or even forbidden, because these men are Calvinist. Therefore, it is said that there are too many lies there, and these men are too deceived, and it is too dangerous to read their teachings on other topics.

Wes did not allow single mothers, married women (whose spouse was not spiritually interested), or people with low IQs who could not memorize his material join GCDM. People were discouraged from engaging with any of these people in evangelism, or helping them spiritually, as this was seen as a waste of precious time/resources since these people could not give back to GCDM. Likewise, Wes had people cut off individuals who were leaving the area soon and were not willing to stay for GCDM, citing that they were not a good use of resources

Use of loaded language and cliché’s which constrict knowledge, stop critical thoughts and reduce complexities into buzz words
“If you trust me with your soul, you should trust me with your money” Therefore, I shouldn’t have to tell you how I’m spending it.

“I get judged off of how I lead you, you get judged off of how well you obey and submit to me."

“This is my ministry. Mine. You don’t get a vote.”

Encourage only ‘good and proper’ thoughts
f a spiritual leader does something that you think is inappropriate, you are encouraged not to think about this but to assume the best of your leaders. For example, if your leader screams at one of your friends during sports, or is rude to someone, you are supposed to assume the best and not question your leader because you don’t know the weight of what they deal with

Wes has told members that he can hear their thoughts, and any thoughts that question his instruction, even little things, can create character problems of pride and rebellion, and for people to believe they can do whatever they want

Memories are manipulated and false memories are created
Wes regularly gaslights members – he will not allow himself to be recorded in any way, and therefore is able to convince rooms full of people that they were disobedient after they did something he said to do, etc.

He was able to convince male members in a G3 that they were jealous of Wes and wanted his seat of power in the group (even though they had thought previously they had never done this) they fasted and prayed trying to search their hearts in repentance·

Wes would drill people with questions until they confessed to things they did not actually do, and then he would credit this confession for some behavior he did not approve of

Wes would regularly say he hadn’t said things that he had said, and vice versa. He would tell everyone they misremembered, even if it was in multiple people’s notes and recollections

Teaching thought stopping techniques which shut down reality testing by stopping negative thoughts and allowing only positive thoughts
Wes would teach people to practice verses if someone was saying things that made them doubt whether GCDM was a safe place, etc.

People would chant one verse in their head over and over again as a thought stopping technique

Wes has trained people to sing worship music (either in their head, or out loud) when people are trying to explain some of their concerns regarding GCDM

Wes has encouraged hours and prayer and meditation of thankfulness for GCDM for members who are questioning or doubting him, and it is part of each weekly accountability meeting to state something you are thankful for about GCDM

Rejection of rational analysis, critical thinking, constructive criticism
Wes not only teaching thought-stopping techniques but also Wes has his members holistically reject any conversation that might lead them to doubt GCDM

Instead of considering where they may be wrong, members are encouraged to stop others from “gossiping” and “slandering” Wes (which can be considered mentioning Wes in any environment that isn’t over-the-top positive)

When members engage with people outside of GCDM, they can not always act so outwardly hostile. They may be encouraged to have an excuse to quickly leave a conversation, or tell the person they’re being disrespectful, and then leaving, etc. GCDM members are encouraged to sperate from family members that seem critical of GCDM, leaving their immediate families for their “true spiritual families” even if their families are Christian

People are not encouraged in any way to rationally consider other perspectives of people who have left, or who have negative views about the group or its actions. A person who says they think it is wrong or unbiblical to send GCDM members into other churches to recruit others out may be considered a slanderer or someone who allowed doubt to creep into their heart about Wes, and ignored immediately

By having people shut down all conversations, they are not able to rationally think or share constructive criticism with one anotherMembers have refused to take the opportunity to listen to the testimony of 2-3 witnesses bring a charge against Wes (per 1 Timothy 5:19) because they feel as though it would just be “gossiping and slandering”, as this is how Wes has framed thingsPeople who don’t agree with GCDM are made out in certain instances to be mentally unstable and a danger to othersWes has cut members off for asking questions or offering constructive criticism. Wes has told people to their face they are trying to make him look bad, or slandering him, if they offer constructive criticism or ask pointed questionsLack of possibility to criticize, and gaslighting of members, can create high-levels of cognitive dissonance across the group.

Forbid questions about leader, doctrine, or policy allowed
This is somewhere where Wes presents a very different picture early on in recruitment verses later into his discipleship program. In the early stages he says things like, “Don’t take my word for it – look into things for yourself.” Later however, members are supposed to “obey and submit to their leaders and not allow doubts to enter their minds”, which includes not allowing deeper questions to enter

Wes allows some open conversations on certain points, but not on topics he is sensitive to. This may include what he does with money, questions about structure of the ministry (ie. how he is the only leader anyone has besides Jesus, how he doesn’t’ have any real accountability, how he has everything copyrighted in his name and could take all of the material whenever he wants, etc.). People that ask questions on these topics are quickly quieted or pulled away from groups where their ideas can spread

Wes trains individuals to be highly skilled in diffusing possible questions, in order to “protect” him and GCDM. For example, if someone is asking a question, they may be made to look dumb or unspiritual on the spot, rebuked or yelled at, and/or quickly pulled away from a crowd so that others do not hear these questions and lead to doubt

Wes would teach that even more than a second of allowing doubts or critical thoughts about Wes could allow someone to later fall away because it causes them to resent him and leave his protection

Asking Wes where he spent the money that was given to him by GCDM members was not allowedWes has said that he would prefer us not to even speak positively about him around others because it would be only a quick step until it would lead to gossip or slander about him. He would rather us not speak about him at all with each other to prevent that. Wes has also alleged that certain members who have said that they think he is being biblically unfaithful are “schizophrenic”

Labeling alternative belief systems as illegitimate, evil, or not useful
Wes tells members of GCDM that he has provided them more than could ever need to walk in the Christian life, and that other ministries, resources, or relationships, are unnecessary

Wes teaches that the belief and teaching of eternal security, and Calvinism are evil

Wes at times taught that Christian pastors and professors who believed Calvinism had some of the worst, most evil demons in existence following them around and deluding them, and that’s how they were able to read the bible and still believe such terrible things. Wes would say that it could be dangerous for people to engage with them because those same demons could convince GCDM members of lies

Wes went through other churches, ministries, and pastors’ content to show his members how dangerous and deceptive it was.·      Wes went as far as saying he wouldn’t want John Piper to have a bible study with spiritually interested non-believers because that would set them so far back, that when his people got to them, they could already be completely ruined with liesWes has said that John Piper would never be allowed into GCDM even if he wanted to We were specifically told that we should feel angry over the Navigators gospel presentation (and were even corrected when people said it made them feel sad, and told they need to feel angry)

Emotional Control

‍Manipulate and narrow the range of feelings – some emotions and/or needs are deemed as evil, wrong, or selfish
“Your feelings don’t matter” is regularly said by Wes; and he would add this with remarks that emotions are illogical, etc.

Wes encouraged disassociation from feelings

Wes told members they were not to have extreme emotional highs because they needed to control their emotions. So, people were encouraged at times not to get overly happy/excited. The same is true for negative emotions.

Teach emotion-stopping techniques to block feelings of homesickness, anger, doubt
Taught to ignore feelings and cover them up with the “correct thoughts”

Told that living by your feelings will lead you to sin

Wes has told people that missing their family and wanting to spend time with them instead of sharing the gospel is selfish and gratifies the flesh, and that one needs to be able to leave their family for the sake of the gospel (even if students are just wanting to visit their families for a weekend)

Make the person feel that problems are always their own fault, never the leader’s or the group’s fault
The group and Wes teach that they always have the answers and solutions, people in GCDM would generally not consider that they are the problem with an outside controversy (ie. another ministry having problems with GCDM)

People are led to believe that problems they have are from a deep, unknown sin or selfish desires. This may not be directly taught, but it is indirectly taught through Wes’s lines of reasoning/logic where when people have problems he may prod and ask them continually about sin, gaslight them, say he thinks people are lying about not having a sin associated with something, etc.

Wes has told people they are actively engaging in a certain sin and gotten mad if they insist this isn’t true; Wes has said in other instances his gifting allows him to know these things or read others minds for him to know the truth

People who have had panic attacks have been told it was because they let a demon in, instead of the known trigger for their panic attack and physiological response (which at times has been Wes)

Promote feelings of guilt or unworthiness
In G3, there would often be lengthy, guilt-inducing conversations about how we as a group do not work hard enough, are not faithful enough, etc. Wes would ask us how to fix us so that we are more useful to him and God

Instill guilt for not using time as effectively for the kingdom as hypothetically possible

Made to feel guilty for spending too much time with family or friends who are not in GCDM because it is not advancing the mission (of GCDM)

Instill fear
Regularly told that leaving GCDM and going to another church would make you more likely to fall away and go to Hell

Told that most other pastors do not read their Bibles or have sound teaching

Made to fear people questioning GCDM/ not listen to questions or critiques of it

Fearful of talking to people who have left GCDM because of repercussions (whether or not you are told not to talk to the person) or fear that they will deceive you

People more or less know that if they leave, they will lose all of their closest friends, and in some cases, their housing, if they choose to leave GDCM

People fear getting in trouble with Wes, knowing that could result in a loss of privileges, roles and standing with him

Wes has threatened people indirectly with the wrath of God by saying things like “I don’t know what we will do when God strikes one of you dead one day” as well as saying if someone was removed from one branch of GCDM and joined another branch in another city they might drop dead, and Wes would have to explain to the authorities that it was God’s wrath punishing them.

People in GCDM were told that if the Democrats win the 2020 election and Trump loses, they will begin to persecute us as Christians (including being jailed and potentially torture us in coming years) Wes also told people that they had to vote for Donald Trump in order to protect Wes, and other Christians, from the possible wrath of the Democrats

Extremes of emotional highs and lows – love bombing and praise one moment and then declaring you are horrible sinner
Those who were in Wes’ inner circle or who were seen as “useful and highly gifted” were poured into for huge amounts of time. Wes would regularly spend 8-10+ hours in one day speaking and working 1:1 with some of the young girls in GCDM. If those people later failed or did not listen to him, Wes would push them out of his inner circle and there would be consequences (such as losing responsibilities, etc.

People who are being recruited into GCDM are given high amounts of time and attention in order to make them feel loved and accepted by the group, but if they decide not to join then little contact is continued to be made with that person. This is very difficult for people being recruited into GCDM because they thought they were making genuine friends and did not realize they were being love-bombed or that their relationship was dependent on them joining GCDM/how much people submitted to GCDM/Wes.

Once members had gone into G3, Wes would at times in group say that no one was working hard enough for him, no one was as grateful as they should be for him, not as trustworthy as they should be, or as faithful, etc.

Ritualistic and sometimes public confession of sins
Wes has a spiritual healing ritual where he has people systematically share their sinful past with someone else. Often there are multiple people administering the “spiritual healing”. Oner person guides and asks questions, and another person tries to pray and listen for words from God on the situation

Accountability spreadsheets were for a long time kept that contained sins confessed, and Wes would share spreadsheet information with other members in GCDM

Phobia indoctrination: inculcating irrational fears about leaving the group or questioning the leader’s authority
Regularly told that leaving GCDM and going to another church would make you more likely to fall away and go to Hell for eternity

Told that most other pastors do not read their Bibles or have sound teaching

Regularly told that “no one has ever left GCDM for a good reason.”. Wes said that most people who have left are living in unrepentant sin, were lied to by demons, or were selfish and just wanted to live for the world and themselves. This creates fear for people within to still speak with people who left GCDM, makes members feel they are being selfish/sinful for engaging any thought or opportunity that might lead them away from GCDM, and is a lie about several who have left.

Demons were regularly associated with anyone who had left the group, or people who had left the group

Fear questioning the leader (Wes) and his decisions, especially having seen how that has resulted in severe consequences for others (being stripped of responsibilities, isolated, kicked out, etc.)

Wes threatened members with the possibility of it becoming a practice to be “kicked out” of GCDM after a certain point of time in discipleship in order to teach members to be more thankful for what Wes has done for them and to test and see if members were loyal enough to come back after a certain amount of time. When this was mentioned people begged Wes not to force them to “go back to church”.

Influence Continuum

The Influence continuum is a measure of groups on a scale from healthy to unhealthy dimensions. The following text elaborates on where GCDM, led by Wes Walker, falls in the healthy vs. unhealthy dimensions

For Individuals

Authentic self vs. False (cult) Identity
People are led to let go of ambitions and goals they had before joining GCDM for things that are more approved by the ministry
Example: People no longer looking to get married, or have kids because Wes often mentions that these things are often not best for the Kingdom. Wes also discourages  international missions or anything that would take them away from GCDM for longer than a week, even if it is for kingdom-seeking reasons. People are only to go on tripsif it helps Wes Walker to possibly plant GCDM in that area (ie. Wes sending students to California to recruit individuals, or to Africa or the Middle East).

Unconditional vs. Conditional Love
Relationships that people have with others will be immediately cut off when they leave GCDM if that is what Wes commands, and/or if someone breaks certain codes (ie. questioning Wes publicly, etc.)

People who decide not to commit to GCDM’s discipleship can be immediately shamed and shunned. These relationships are said to be a waste of Kingdom resources, even if they’re with Christians striving to preach and share the gospel

How much time and attention Wes gives to someone depends on how much they do for the ministry and how high up they are in ministry ranking

Compassion vs. Hate
Wes at times encouraged members to get angry at other churches/ministries for “ruining” people and sharing evil lies like eternal security or easy-believism with them

Wes has said he will never work with other churches, that it is a waste of time, and these groups are dangerous, etc.

Other ministries and churches in the area were regularly framed as entities that were making it harder for the faithful saints in GCDM to reach unbelievers

Conscience vs. Doctrine
When people felt uncomfortable lying/deceiving others (per Wes instruction), they may have been stripped of responsibilities. For example, if someone wasn’t willing to lie to students at USC and say they weren’t recruiting for any ministry and were just a Christian, they may be prohibited from sharing the gospel, or talking to anyone about anything spiritual on-campus. This was a strong punishment for zealous believers who wanted their classmates to know God

Creativity and Humor vs. Solemnity, Fear, and Guilt
Much of GCDM is guilt driven. There are laughs, of course, it’s hard to be anywhere where there are no laughs, but under much of the day-to-day is the fear of messing up and getting kicked out, and the lingering fear that if you professed your questions you may be cut off from everyone you care about, and lose your “spiritual family” which is your “true family”. It’s important to note if someone’s parents are Christians, then they still may be told that it isn’t the same bond that they share with people in GCDM because they aren’t actively trying to “take over the world” together

Free Will/Critical Thinking vs. Dependency/Obedience
Dependency on Wes is required by the structure of GCDM. For example, Wes sensors all “words from God” - prophetic words that members believe they’re getting from God for their Christian community. Wes decides what people see, so members do not have the opportunity to think through the words for themselves. Wes says that he is doing this to protect the members, but when words have come rebuking Wes publicly, he has hidden them from the group and deemed them as demonic. So, Wes acts as a funnel as to what can be from God and what can’t. In this, it happens that words saying he is an amazing apostle that people should obey more typically survive; words saying he is dangerous/harming people are hidden away and those who share them are rebuked and accused of listening to demons and threatening the whole body’s safety and possibly salvation by planting doubts about Wes.

Members who Wes believes have certain spiritual gifts (such as a gift called distinguishing spirits, where Wes believes individuals can see into the spiritual realm) are forbidden from telling any other member of GCDM that they have that gift and must depend on Wes to teach them how to use it properly. Wes tells these people they must keep this a secret so that they don’t hurt other people. Wes must approve any information that these people have to share with others. Wes says it his duty to oversee other abilities like this because his office as an apostle is the highest and best spiritual gifting set to lead all others.

Wes has commented before how guys who listen to music that Wes has not approved would not make good leaders because they are okay with doing something that is not seen as “safe” and this attitude may grow and lead to further insubordination.  

For Leaders

Psychologically healthy vs. Narcissistic/ Psychopathic
Wes’s close friends have been very concerned about his psychological well-being for a very long-time, as Wes has had many destructive tendencies for a considerable period. Wes fits many characteristics of vulnerable/covert narcissism, such as a high sensitivity to criticism (distancing or cutting people off who question him), grandiose fantasies (such as being one of the 12 apostles), tendency of holding grudges (spending weeks or months speaking passive-aggressively about people who have left GCDM, repeatedly telling members that “people have left recently have abandoned their family”, etc.). In these cases, Wes does not name the individual, but it is usually quite clear who he is discussing. In addition to these items, he checks boxes of being highly introverted, neurotic (drastic and irrational responses to some stimuli, such as finding out someone was talking about him), blaming others for his mistakes (such as telling everyone that the entire country of Turkey won’t be reached because of someone’s unfaithfulness to GCDM, rather than because the people he was connected to in Turkey grew to believe he was unhealthy/unsafe independently), etc.

Knows Own Limits vs. Elitist/Grandiose
Wes teaches that he is one of the 12 apostles and regularly says that he plans to take over the entire world. Has popularized/normalized the language of “we are trying to take over the world” among the group members

Wes has placed himself over the rest of the 12 apostles and says that if he were to work with any of them, they would need to submit to his leadership and be discipled by him (such as Francis Chan, who he also says might be one of 12 apostles)Wes has painted the picture of himself as the leader of a global theocracy

Empowers Individuals vs. Power Hungry
Wes has said he is the chess master and people in GCDM are his chess pieces for his world domination plan, and that it is his God-given role to “move them around” as he sees fit for the Kingdom. Wes requires permission for any major life decision and controls the very small details of people’s lives as well .People are told that to make decisions without Wes’ input is prideful and stupid as he is wiser, closer to God, and better able to make good life decisions for you.

Trustworthy vs. Secretive/Deceptive
Wes has many secrets and highly deceives both his members and his recruits, as laid out in the BITE model above.

In cases where someone had been removed, Wes showed up in person to G2s (GCDM “church” groups - though Wes has said multiple times GCDM is not a church) to have people read a document discussing their removal and how people were to engage with them (ie. ignore them entirely, etc.). Wes told the G2s that he decided not to email this because the email could be traced back to and used against him at a later time if things went poorly for the person based off of his actions (which happened, the person suffered a great deal).

Wes would forbid members of GCDM that were neighbors of an opposite sex to interact socially in any way outside of formal, large-group events. For example, a male member would be forbidden from mowing a female house’s lawn, or playing a group game of basketball H.O.R.S.E. together outside, going for a group prayer walk, etc. However, Wes would have young women over to his house late at night (after 10pm), or be alone in rooms with young women, invite them over into his home during the day, etc.

Accountable vs. Claims Absolute Authority
Wes claims absolute authority. There is no room for questioning, doubt, etc. There is no accountability outside of people that are under his authority in GCDM. People in GCDM are people who he has taught that disobeying him could be damning to their eternal souls, and he controls what media and information they receive. Wes also has the ability to have nearly all of these members to be cut off immediately by almost all other members of the group (socially ruining them). Therefore, it is difficult to say that there is much, if any, true accountability here

Wes seemingly refuses to engage in any outside accountability or conversations at all

Despite very other member being obligated to have an accountability partner to stay in GCDM, Wes does not have an accountability partner, meaning there is virtually no transparency for how he lives his life. Wes is often distant from those in the group and does not share much about himself, how he spends day-to-day, or his past. This does not hold him accountable to even holding to the Biblical standards of qualifications for a leader in the pastoral epistles.

Multiple people have tried to bring forward concerns they have about GCMD having problems, himself misusing scripture, etc. and Wes has not entertained really any serious dialogue on the subject, but rather has had the people socially punished through shunning, etc.

For Organizations (and Relationships)

Egalitarianism vs. Elitism
Wes tells members there are little-to-no Christians as well trained and educated as them in the world. Therefore, the implication and takeaway is that they can teach pastors, etc. without having anything they could truly learn from them

Once people are, “spiritually ready”, Wes tells people that they have a unique opportunity to learn under one of the 12 apostles currently presiding on earth

All other churches around are said to be bad and/or dangerous for everyone, whereas GCDM is an exceptional entity that should be emulated. Wes says the same of his leadership

Wes teaches that his theology is the correct theology, and leans on his claim of being an apostle as evidence for his theology being correct, and vice versa he says his correct teaching is evidence that he is an apostle Christian universities are entities that Wes has said that he wants to “take over”

Wes has had rooms of people divide the total # of people in the room by the # of people on earth, telling them that he wasn’t sure anyone else would do the mission so it might be on them. He encouraged them to feel the pressure of this

Checks and Balances vs. Authoritarian Structure
Wes has shared in a document with members in GCMD stating that the only leader anyone in GCDM will ever have is himself and God. Our highest authority is God, and below that is Wes’s materials and himself. Wes teaches that he has provided the best understanding of the bible possible, so Wes’s text is the best and truest way to understand what the bible is intending to say (he leans on his claimed position as an apostle to verify this).

Wes is the only person in the ministry who does not need to meet with an accountability partner. Wes has said the he is one of, if not the, most humble person on the planet and that's why God has blessed him so much with such power

Wes has final-say on all decisions, and has all materials copyrighted in his name so that no one can reproduce his materials without his consent, and he can take the material and leave GCDM behind whenever he would like

Because of GCDM’s structure, Wes is virtually indistinguishable from GCDM. As the specifically stated sole leader (even stating that if he dies then no document can be changed and no teaching added or subtracted) as well as having no board of elders to check him, Wes can remove anyone who is trying to question his authority as GCDM is “his ministry”. As a result, the only true way to remove Wes from any position of power would be to remove everyone from Wes.

Informed consent vs. Deceptive/Manipulative
Large amounts of deception and lying are used to bring members into GCDM; including, but not limited to, not being clear on long-term expectations in the group, lying about even being a part of a group, hiding rules, among many other things mentioned in the BITE model above, and beyond.

Individuality/Diversity vs. Clones People
Wes does a lot to make people like himself. Wes is fairly anti-social, and likewise for his followers discourages high amounts of social interaction that aren’t what he would consider fruitful for the Kingdom

Likewise, he clones people to be cold and callous in cutting people (including family) off in order for self and group “protection”

Wes has people study scenarios written by him to use against others, having them use Wes’ words instead of their own in situations. People have been rebuked for trying to use their own “inferior” reasoning instead of Wes’s scenarios, saying this could blow someone’s only chance to hear to truth well, and that they could then not be saved if it did not go well

Wes has a list of positive personality attributes for people to have in some of his training material, and also has a list of negative attributes to get rid of

Means create end vs. Ends justify means
Wes sends his members into other ministries, churches, and bible studies in order for people to actively and secretly recruit people out of other churches in order to try and bring them into GCDM.

Wes practices a high level of deception towards his members, and likewise encourages them towards a high level of deception. For the most part, Wes has recruited college-aged students (vulnerable populations of 18- and 19-year old’s) where Wes and his ministries are generally unwelcomed because of histories of trauma and abuse.

Wes knows this history, and if and when a conversation in recruitment does not go well, he instructs members to tell individuals being recruited that they aren’t a part of any ministry, that they are just a Christian sharing the gospel. “I wasn’t there telling you to speak to that exact person, was I? No? Okay, then you can’t say you’re with our ministry”

GCDM operates under front groups at local universities, such as “Carolina Bible Fellowship” (CBF) and multiple others that are on stand-by incase CBF gets kicked off of campuses. These are all front-groups for GCDM to operate out of, so that it can maintain an on-campus presence secretly (since leadership on campus is familiar with Wes’s history of abuses and his group is generally unwelcomed).

Saying Wes’s name, or mentioning GCDM in an initial evangelism conversation with a new person is forbidden. If people asked specifically what ministry you were a part of or who your pastor was, etc. you were supposed to avoid the answer at all cost. Wes even had his name removed from the NT Overview Study/Important Steps of Following Jesus document we would hand to people in evangelism so that no one could connect it to him, because complaints in the community were continuing to grow.

Members are not told about the long history of complaint that are built into actions like these. Likewise, when complaints do come to the forefront, instead of seriously engaging them, Wes tells his members these are demonic or satanic influenced to ruin God’s holy mission. He will also only share his perspective and discourage anyone from hearing the other perspective (note: he does this even when people have suffered deep emotional or physical harm). However, this is one case of many where Wes sees his ends of world-domination justifying the means.

Encourages Growth vs. Preserves Own Power
Wes regularly says that he wants to work himself out of his job. However, Wes also says in documents that the only leader that anyone in GCDM will ever have is Wes Walker and God himself. Wes has made himself an irreplaceable piece that has, and always will, have all power and final say on all matters, even if he consults others on decisions from time-to-time.

Likewise, Wes has now been doing ministry for nearly two decades and he still his top leaders are very much dependent on him, as are the newest and freshest faces in GCDM.

People are only poured into spiritually as long as they are with GCDM and submit to Wes. If someone were to leave for any reasons, even if it were to be part of what they perceive as a more fruitful ministry or go on international missions without Wes’s blessing, they would have to delete all GCDM resources or else face being sued, which Wes frequently threatened. This shows that the goal is not necessarily to raise up faithful Christians, able to reach and teach others for the global mission, but the goal is to raise up people who will strengthen GCDM and faithful serve the mission within the confines of the group.

Free to Leave vs. No legitimate reason to leave
Wes often says people in GCDM have no reason to leave, and nothing else better exists. He would constantly tell people that no one has ever left the group for a good reason. He says if people aren’t grateful for him after all he does for them, then they’ll have trouble ever being thankful for anything, and that if people leave GCDM, it is likely nothing else will work for them, because this is as good as things get.

Members are told that they are opposing the kingdom of God if they leave and speak out about the abuses that GCDM has been doing. Even if these people are trying to get current GCDM members to love God and keep following Him, anything that Wes considers “attacking” GCDM is seen as a direct threat to the kingdom of God. This blurs the lines between GCDM and God’s Kingdom, and this isn’t afforded to any other church seeing how we actively attempt to recruit out of those churches and talk about how dangerous/bad they are specifically by name, etc.

Questions to ask:

If you are being recruited by GCDM, or have a loved one that is in GCDM, the following are questions you may benefit from asking members of GCDM, or other churches or groups you may consider entering to see whether they are safe/secure.

Note: Groups such as GCDM can be highly deceptive. It is possible that Wes Walker may have his members pre-memorize responses to avoid or answer these questions. When trying to get information from highly deceptive groups, it is helpful to be very precise in speech and terms in order to attempt to get to the truth.

What to do next?

Experiencing abuse at any level, and in any form, can be very difficult. We encourage people who have been negatively  affected by Wes Walker, or anyone in GCDM, to please contact mental health professionals and possibly specifically cult/spiritual abuse specialists for professional help. We are not mental health professionals and cannot provide mental health services.

If you or a loved one have experience with GCDM and would like to find a group of people who have shared your experience with the group in some way, you may get in touch through this website or through our email below. Likewise, if you would like more information on GCDM or raising awareness regarding cults in your area, you may contact us and we are happy to help connect you with individuals to follow up with.


Note: Much of the information gathered for this site, such as the framework of the B.I.T.E. model, Influence Continuum, and many of the questions to ask, were provided or  influenced by Steve Hassan’s Freedom of Mind website and content.

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